Believe in yourself

I know that in the dance world people are constantly telling you, ” you cant. ” Trust me, I know this because I had to face this phrase many times in my life. You see, I was not born flexible and so when I would dance, it wouldn’t be as flexible or “impressive” as other people. In this case, I was always told by teachers and other students “you cant become a professional because you aren’t flexible enough.” Although these words may be small, they are definitely powerful and made me very discouraged for a long time. I felt like I had stopped believing in myself, but there were so may people who hadn’t lost belief and kept me going and kept me in the dance world. When times get tough, although you may not believe in yourself, there are still people that believe in you. Now, I have worked very hard and in fact, I got all of my splits this year! As long as you believe in your self, you can do anything, go anywhere, and live to the impossible. Never forget that nothing is impossible. Actually, the word itself says “Im Possible!” You just have to believe…..

~Spoken through the life of a dancer.