Lately, I have been very busy. We have two upcoming performances in a month that HAVE to be finished by this week. I am in the middle of learning seven dances right now, and I am getting very excited! One of my favorite dances we are learning right now is called “Infra”. It is going to be one of the dances I will perform for our studios professional training showcase. Anyway, in “Infra” I am constantly being lifted and carried and turned. I feel bad for the other girls though, I am the only one who gets lifted. But besides that, I feel like I have a close connection with that dance, and I feel like I can put some real emotion into it.There is one lift I have to do where I run as fast as I can and jump where the boy catches me, (if it is done correctly, picture me standing on shoulder, but a little below shoulder height) Then, on count eight, every one else on the floor drops while he drops me a little so that he is holding my knees and I fall over his shoulder, and just lay limp. The first time I did this step, it was a little scary, but now I almost feel like I am flying! Too, after the showcase, this is not going to be the end of it because it sounds like we are going to take it to Tennessee to show and compete. Maybe soon, I can get a video of me doing this dance and post it so that I can share it with you as well…


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