Spring Break=O-V-E-R

photo SBM

Last week was my spring break from dance and school and I made sure that I relaxed and prepared myself for these next couple of weeks. It was hard to not dance for an entire week, but it was also nice to have a break! My spring break was full of excitement from 4D movies, basketball games, and even museums! Today was the first day back from break and I was very excited to get back to dance. When I got to the studio, I suddenly remembered all of the dances that needed to get done, and the pressure started! I have to prepare myself for my variation solo for the showcase, rehearse for Infra, my Tap dance, my lyrical piece, the ballet dance for the little mermaid, and the ballet dance for the showcase! I also have my end of grade testing next Monday that I had to study for! The break is now over and I had to snap my head back into reality! I have a busy week ahead of me!!! 🙂