Don’t Overdo It!


Lately, a lot of my friends have been experiencing pain in their ankles, feet, hips, etc. An important lesson that I had learned from my foot injury is that there IS such as thing as overdoing it! If you don’t rest, and ice, and give the treatment your injury needs, it wont get better. In fact, the injury that you are trying to avoid is only going to get worse! I am not saying that you should stop dancing, I am just simply giving the advice of taking it easy.

I have actually experienced this, myself! When I had\have my foot injury, I didn’t dance all of spring break, AND school testing week (ok, ok, maybe I took two classes over testing week) Surprisingly, the rest truly helped and when I came back to dance, I didn’t feel the pain for a long time! As a result, I started telling myself that it was “all better.” I started to act as if my foot was totally fine and normal, I stopped thinking about it, and did a lot of pointe work and jumps. I didn’t want to tape my foot anymore either, because I felt “fine” so I stopped using it. However, my foot was coming back little after little.

It is important to take it easy after or during an injury. It may not be fun, but it can help you from future injuries and it can keep the injury from getting worse. So, when you are experiencing an injury, don’t keep saying “i’m fine” when you are really not! When you do that, you aren’t hurting anyone but yourself. You know your body, and remember, it is important to push yourself, but sometimes it is also important to treat yourself to a break. DONT OVERDO IT!

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