Lesson Learned

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Last night, I learned a very hard lesson that hopefully never happens again. This was an honest, yet unacceptable mistake that we all should have been more prepared for. So, what happened? Well, me and some of my fellow classmates were in the dressing room taking and messing around and we had no worries at all. The dance that was before us was right before intermission, so we had a lot of time, right? Little did we know that our dance was next, and we were going onstage NOW. Our instructor started yelling for us and we ran as fast as we could up the stairs and into the wings. However, we were too late! The blackout was held for almost a full minuet before we finally showed up. We improved our way into the dance, even though the dance was halfway finished,  and everything got back to normal when everyone was onstage again. I was also glad to do the shoulder drape, as shown in this image. Beyond that, I learned an important lesson that day, any changes can happen before a show and you have got to be prepared for them. When you are expected to be onstage next, even if there is intermission, you need to be there and ready to dance. During a show, some things are not very clear, but I know that this is a mistake that is never worth repeating. So, remember ALWAYS BE PREPARED!