Take Corrections


In the dance world and in the work world, you are probably going to make a lot of mistakes and get corrected quite a bit. A lot of people get upset when they hear “no,” because they are embarrassed and don’t really like to be corrected in front of large groups of people. Throughout my years of dance, I have learned to take the correction and work on fixing it more than worry about what others think of it. Lets face it, half of the time, the other people around you are making the same mistake! It is important to not take corrections personally because if an instructor is taking time to correct you, that means that they have faith in you and believe that you will become very successful, so when you get a correction, you should be proud! Instead of frowning when you make a mistake, put a smile on your face!  Think about it this way, if you were never corrected, you would never know you were doing something wrong! Corrections are the stepping stones to success, without them, you can’t go anywhere.

One thought on “Take Corrections

  1. Very true! Most teachers don’t correct the students they don’t think will go anywhere, so getting corrections is great!

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