Long Lasted Friendships


Just the other day, I went with my best friend to go see a ballet performance. We use to dance at the same studio and we would always do birthday parties, and sleepovers. Our friendship was so close, that I was heartbroken when I had to change studios. It was very hard to keep in close touch because our school and dance schedules were both so crazy that it almost seemed impossible to hang out. I was so happy that I finally got to see her again! Seeing someone in person is very different than emailing! 🙂 Friendships are such an important part of life, and without them, life wouldn’t be as easy or as enjoyable. Friendships take time and effort and they are not always easy, but remember to always make time for family and friends.Life would be very difficult and lonely without them!


Author: Maysa Rose

Professional trainee ballet dancer who loves poetry, photography, traveling, two parrots (Kiwi and Olive), blogging, and living life to the fullest. www.maysarose.wordpress.com ~Maysa

5 thoughts on “Long Lasted Friendships”

  1. Maysa! I was so happy I got to see you at the performance! I miss you so much and I wish you were still at our old dance school, but dancers have to make sacrifices for their careers, right? Love you so much! thanks for writing this and I’m sure your exam went great 🙂


  2. My exam did go great, but I don’t have the results back yet…I am so lucky to have a friend like you Claire, and I miss you so much! Dance doesn’t feel the same without you! 🙂 You are right though, dancers do have to make sacrifices for their lives and careers to be successful. I am sure that I will see you later this summer and I hope that you are having a great time at dance!! I miss you so much!!


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