Come a long way!


I was looking at some of my old pictures, like this one, from when I first started dancing. It is so hard to imagine myself as a primary ballet dancer! I can’t believe that I have come this far! I am so lucky to be where I am right now and I can’t thank my family enough for all of their help and support throughout the years. As memories continue to flood my mind, I know that I couldn’t do this without them. Everyone comes into your life for a reason… to be there for you, to help you learn a lesson, to teach you, to support you and your dreams. Take a look around at everyone that is in your life, and think about what they have done to support you, yet at the same time, ask yourself, “what have you done to support them?” It is important that you support them as much as they support you, and give back in return, respect for their needs and dreams as they do of yours…