Intensive Update


I just wanted to keep everyone updated on my summer intensives, if any of you were wondering how they have been going. We have been very busy all week long with both, classes and rehearsals. This week so far, we had a brief introduction to modern and improv. I am really enjoying all of my classes and having lots of fun exploring different styles in dance! We are also preparing and rehearsing a few dances for the performance at the end of the intensives to show to our friends and family the things that we have been working on and how much we have improved on them. For the show, there should be a hip-hop piece, a variation from ballet, group ballet dance, modern piece, and a contemporary piece.  There are a lot of pieces to cover in three weeks, but we are all looking forward to the performance and how it is going to turn out. In the meantime, it has been exactly one week since my ABT testing! The results still haven’t returned yet, however, I will definitely let everyone know the results as soon as they come in. Have a great rest of your week! 🙂