Understand What You Do


In dance class, you are told to do many movements and are constantly corrected on how to do them. Whether you realize it or not, every word that you hear for each combination has a definition that ties into how to do the exercise properly. Lately, I have been studying and memorizing the definitions to exercises and have actually noticed progress in some of the combinations that I do, whether it is progress in smoothness, sharpness, or maybe even attitude! Understanding what you do is a big part of doing it well. If you know the definition of the word you are being told (plie, tendu, fondu, froppe, etc.) you can put more style and flow into your movements. Studying the definition of these words have helped me, and they might help you too! Just go to a local dance store and pick up a ballet dictionary and you might notice progress in your dancing as I have in mine! 🙂


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