Summer Showcase Dress Rehersal


We have been very busy at the studio preparing for a whole show in less than three weeks. The show is scheduled for tomorrow and almost all of the dances aren’t even finished, so we have been put under a lot of pressure of picking up choreography quickly. Today we did a dress rehearsal and ran through the whole showcase of both, finished and unfinished dances. I really like some of the dances choreography and found that some of the modern pieces were very interesting. It is kind of hard to adapt to such a different style of dance, because I am so use to ballet, but I really like how you are almost able to apply real feeling and emotion into the dances. You are less focused on perfection and more focused on the emotion and abstract quality of the dance. I think that the run-through went very well today, besides the small, simple errors, I think that we are ready. (Other than the dressing room mess…. we need to be better at that… 🙂 hahaha) From ballet, to contemporary, to modern, to contemporary ballet, to variations, I am so ready for tomorrows performance, and I am looking forward to it!


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