You’ve got to WORK!


It is time to face the hard truth, dancing as much as you do is probably only 1/4 of your life. You start dancing when you are 5 and stop sometimes in the mid 30’s or late twenty’s, so you still have about 50 years of your life left. Dancing everyday is less than half of your life, so you have to make the most out of every class. Some of the exercises might be painful, but you can’t slack off! You say you want to be a professional, but if you really want it, you have got to work for it! Most people don’t make it professionally is what we are all told, right? But, do most people give each class their all each and everyday? No. A lot of dancers start to slack off during jumps in the center, because they are tired. (I am not saying that I never do this) I think that we all do it at some point and time in our life, but try not to because you are not progressing when you don’t do it to your full potential. Look at it this way, do you want to work hard and be a professional at a great company by 18, or do half work and be a professional by your mid 20’s in a small, low-pay company? It all depends on how you look at it, but I take every class as if it is my last, and I lift each leg like I am lifting my life. Your future is all in your hands, it is up to you whether you want to do something with that or not.


Author: Maysa Rose

Professional trainee ballet dancer who loves poetry, photography, traveling, two parrots (Kiwi and Olive), blogging, and living life to the fullest. ~Maysa

6 thoughts on “You’ve got to WORK!”

  1. And I love this post. One day in conditioning my teacher said “Claire, who in ensemble do you want to be like?” I answered and he said, “How are you going to get their? WORK FOR IT!!!” 🙂


  2. Very true, and the pictures are amazing! Don’t forget though just because someone isn’t in a professional company by 18 doesn’t mean they haven’t worked hard, they might have started later in life or suffered injuries or setbacks. It happens, but the main thing, like you say, is to give it your all every single class- otherwise how will you ever know what you’re truly capable of? The pictures are beautiful, keep it up!


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