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I am going to be homeschooled again this year, so that I can dance in the pro-trainee company again. I can’t believe that school is going to get back in session in less than five days! I really love being homeschooled because it helps me with my schedule in dance, so that I can be in the studio as much as I am. Homeschooling has been great, but I do miss a lot of my friends from school. On the other hand, homeschooling has really helped me gain confidence in who I am! At school, so many people were trying to change me and make me someone who I wasn’t. To be honest, I almost forgot who I really was as a person. I didn’t really realize how much of my personality and interests had changed at school! I never truly realized that bullies had pressured me into being someone I wasn’t. Being homeschooled really allowed me to be around people who really cared about me, and were happy with who I am! I was able to gain confidence in myself and almost discover the part of me that never even was present at school! I feel as if I am a different person since two years ago. I am so glad to be homeschooled and to be myself again! Never let anyone else define who you are, and you shouldn’t try to be anyone other than yourself! You are unique, and that is ok, but the key is to simply be confident, each and everyday! 😉


Author: Maysa Rose

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