Partnering Class


Today was my first pas de deux (partnering) class since two months ago, so I was pretty rusty! However, we did everything from attitude turns, to ponches, to lifts, to basic partnering. We actually had a photographer come to our studio and take a lot of ballet and partnering photos, so it was kind of an unorganized class. Next week should be a normal class though, and we should be able to do a lot more combinations. Other than that, I had a pretty average day! I had school until 11:00am, went to the dance store to pick up a practice tutu, had a ballet class, competition rehearsals, modern class, pas de deux class (partnering), and then more schoolwork. It has been a tiring first week back from break, and I hope that my body doesn’t hate me too much! 😉 Stay positive and remember to always keep dancing!!!