Tough Timing!


Yesterday, after hours of rehearsal, we were able to finally finish our modern piece. I have got to say, the ending took some work! There is so many line changes, extremely quick steps, fast jumps, and running on and off of the stage in less than a minuet. I personally think that this is the hardest and most complicated piece that I have ever learned! We can hardly keep up with the timing! There is one part in the dance were we literally have less than five quick seconds to change wings, prepare, and do a double leg stag onstage. We are constantly running, jumping, exiting, and entering the stage, and I think that it is going to be very difficult to be on stage in time! However, I have confidence in our choreographer that things will all get sorted out before the YAGP competition. We just need to make sure that we are listening and prepared for any changes in timing or the steps. We have a great choreographer who believes in us, it is simply our choice whether to believe in ourselves. When we do, THAT, is how success happens…


Author: Maysa Rose

Sixteen year old professional trainee ballet dancer, traveler, poet, photographer, choreographer, bird lover, & obsessive writer. ~Maysa