When you look at your reflection, what do you see? Do you see all of the great, magnificent things about yourself, or do you see all of the things that you wish that you could change about yourself? A lot of times, people always focus on the negative things about themselves, that they forget all of the positive things that make them so special! Everyone does this at some point and time in their lives… However, it is important to not forget about the good times and the positive moments and accomplishments that you have made. It IS true that you are going to make mistakes! We are all human, but overcoming your worries and mistakes is the one obstacle holding everyone back. Don’t let one thing that someone said make you self-cautious the rest of your life, and don’t let that one bully keep you from achieving your dreams. I have been through times as these, and one of the most important thing that I have learned through that experience is to simply keep your head held high, and to keep your heart strong. Don’t quit trying because of what someone else said, and don’t be ashamed for not being perfect. The truth is, YOU WILL NEVER BE PERFECT! Don’t spend every minuet trying to be what someone else wants you to be. Instead, make your own path and follow it. Follow your dreams no matter what others do or say and don’t be ashamed of who you are. Prove to those people that ‘think-you-cant’ and show them that you can! So now the real questions is… What do you see in yourself? 🙂


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