Full Potential


(Photo taken of my good friend, 2013)

Sometimes, as dancers, we have those days where our bodies just feel so tired, and fatigued that it begins to show in our dancing. When this happens, laziness often starts to kick in. Instead of lifting our leg to it’s highest, we will only lift it half way because we think ‘Its good enough.” However, you don’t realize that in the professional world, being tired and sore isn’t an excuse! Nothing that you could ever do will be just “good enough!” You need to push your body and work hard no matter how tired you are. Unless you physically can’t, laziness is not an excuse for not nailing that triple pirouette! Don’t use that excuse to simply get out of exercises, because really, you are only hurting yourself. I am not saying that you need to work so hard that you injure yourself, but I am saying that a lot of times, dancers will use that common excuse of being sore or tired to lower their leg or not dance to their full potential. Don’t be this kind of person, and always strive to your best. Everyone makes this mistake every now and then, and I’m not saying that I never have. However, I think that this is an important thing that needs to be brought to a lot of people’s attention. You may do this without even realizing it! Dance to your fullest, work your hardest, and NEVER give up! 🙂 Always strive to perfection in order to reach your full potential…


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