Correction Keeper


When you are given corrections, do you apply them? Let’s be honest here… a lot of times, dancers will be given the same correction over, and over, and over, and over again, that the teacher even comes out and says “I am tired of asking you to apply this correction over and over again!” A little while ago, my teacher had actually sat the class down and told us that if we did not apply the corrections, by the third time asking, she will just stop correcting us on that thing. In this case, we will continue to make that same mistake as a dancer, and not improve. She is simply doing her job, and actually has made us work even harder to apply corrections! Since she has created this rule, our class has been ALOT better at picking up corrections. One thing that I have learned throughout this process is keeping a correction journal. When I keep a correction journal, I write down all of the corrections given to me in that class that day, and I can remember them easier. That way, I could read through the corrections the next time I take that class so that I wont make that same mistake again. I just wanted to share this quick tip that has helped me improve as a dancer, and it might help you too. I hope that this was helpful to you… It may sound silly, but create a small journal and write your corrections down! It may really help you as it did me! Hope this helps everyone! 🙂