Believe it or not, yesterday, I finally had the motivation to attempt the hip-hop class. My teacher had finally inspired me to try it to simply just see if I liked it. Turned out, it actually wasn’t that bad! It felt great to just let loose and really have fun! After I got over the thought of everyone watching me, I got really excited about it and I felt that my sassiness and bold side really just came over me. I kind of transformed into a different person in that studio! I may have not been the best dancer in that room, but who cares! I had fun, and that is all that matters! I am totally not going to take that class as a regular, but I think that when I get the opportunity to do it again, I would! 🙂 Even if you are a dancer like me, I think that it is important to experience different styles of dance. It helps you, not only be a happier person, but it also helps you become a well-rounded dancer! When you are given an opportunity, you should take it no matter how OUT THERE that opportunity might be! Keep this in mind as you continue to improve throughout the world of dance! 😉


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