Picture Perfect



All day, we have been taking photos for my instructor to add to the studio’s new website. It was rather hard to find just the right ‘picture perfect’ moment that everyone was placed exactly the same. However, it was actually helpful for many of us to look back at the pictures of some of our movements and really see and understand what our instructor was trying to tell us to correct! Sometimes the simplest picture can change the way that you look at yourself and it shows you what the instructor is trying to fix, which gives you the chance to actively see and apply corrections. Although you may think that you are applying the correction each and every day, you truly may not be! The simplest picture can make a big difference in your movements and you can actually see and understand what needs to be corrected. Next time that you have the opportunity, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or an adult to take a picture or a video of a certain pose or movement that you have been corrected continuously on. That way, you can see what you are doing wrong! Does that make since? I hope that this is good advice for everyone, because it sure has helped me throughout my dancing life. 🙂 Have a great night everyone and come back tomorrow night for my first Cinderella rehearsal post!


Author: Maysa Rose

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