Sometimes life can be tough and things may not always go the way that you plan. Everyday, you are faced with some kind of challenge, whether it is receiving bad news at the doctor, loosing something you love, loosing a job, being faced with some sort of situation that may leave you feeling like giving up. The real question is, how do you face these challenges? I have to admit, it is true that some things are simply not fixable, and some things cannot be replaced, but everything that happened is meant to happen and you cannot change that. The number one MOST important thing is to not loose hope, faith, and love. Have HOPE that things can get better and that healing is possible. Have FAITH in God and just understand that he has a plan for you and that he is never going to leave you alone. Talk to the one’s that you LOVE about what you are going through. Sometimes talking about your problems makes you feel better and more understood. When you are facing a problem that makes you very upset, don’t keep it to yourself! Remember to have Hope, Faith, and Love….

~Inspired by Daisy bird

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