Happy Daisy Day 9!


It is finally Wednesday, Daisy Day, and we now only have 2 more days until the weekend, and Winter Break. I am really looking forward to no-school, and I know that some of you are too! Anyway, I thought that I would share this new hobby that Daisy has created over the past week. 😀 I have caught her doing this more than once too! I wish that I could post a video. She grabs the side of the bell and runs back and fourth on her perch with the bell still in her beak while bobbing her head up and down. She is just tempted to get inside of the bell! It is crazy, and absolutely hilarious! Everyone that I have showed it to has laughed, and I am sorry that posting a video isn’t going to work… 😦 I hope that this picture made you smile, at least. Happy Daisy Day! We can make it, we only have TWO more days left. Halfway over. Have a great rest of your week!



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