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Yesterday, I was reading a blog that I follow, and the post that was published gave me a great idea that I have never thought of before. This blogger wrote down monthly focus points in dance for the new year. I think that it is a great idea and it is something that we should all create that could really help us all improve and become better dancers, or people as the months proceed. Write down in a notebook or on a piece of paper all of the months of the year and next to it write a step, position, or any weak point that you have and seriously focus on that one thing all month. Repeat this for all of the months of the year, and the goal is by the end of the year to have accomplished all of the 12 focuses. I hope that this has inspired you to create a Montly Focus List! 🙂 My list is listed below:

January: Improving Arabesque

February: Being more Flow(ey) with my movements

March: Turns

April: Improving Balance

May: Turn Out

June: Improving Flexibility

July: Strengthening Feet

August: Really focus on flat back

September: Picking up combos extra fast

October: Improving ponche

November: Petite allegro

December: Better Adagio/ and leg lifts


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