YAGP Ballet Today!

YAGP Day! Napoli variation!

I performed my variation today at Youth American Grand Prix competition, and it went so well. It was such a wonderful feeling, walking off of that big stage realizing that I finally did the variation that I have been preparing so hard for. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to receive my results. I am going to be performing a group piece tomorrow, as long as the weather cooperates with us, and I should receive my scores Sunday night. We are expecting snow and ice tonight, so it might cause some delays and issues with the schedule, as it has been throughout the day. I am still so satisfied with my performance, and I hope that it looked as good as if felt! Now, all I can do is wait until Sunday…. I am on pins and needles, and I am hoping that I make it to the finals……. No matter how my score turns out or how my results are, I am still just so happy to have been able to perform and be there. The feeling that I receive walking off that stage is so wonderful, and I hope that I moved the audience as they so greatly move me, each and every performance…. Wish me luck tomorrow, and I will keep you all “posted” on the rest of my dances, classes, and shows. Fingers Crossed!!! 😉

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