Two Posts in One!


I’m so sorry that I didn’t update and post the day that I found out about my results! It has been an interesting week with schoolwork and a new gym addition to our household! I was so distracted that I completely didn’t realize that I had not posted yet! In this case, today is going to be two posts in one, to make it easier on all of our email boxes. 😉 Ok, onto the results. Unfortunately, I did not place as one of the top three dancers in the competition last weekend and will not be advancing to the final rounds in April. However, looking at my score sheet, I am very pleased with my results and am not upset at all! I received a score that I am proud of, and am happy with. (I would announce my scores on this blog because I am sure that a lot of you and family members would like to know, but my instructor does not want us to make our scores public and discuss them with others. As a result, all I can tell you is that I am extremely pleased and am very satisfied. 😉 I hope that you all have a great rest of your afternoon, and I really do apologies for not notifying you all sooner about my results. Hopefully, I can try to post a video, that we purchased at the competition, next week. 🙂 The next section below is the Daisy Day for today…


Happy Daisy Day! I hope that all of your weeks are off to a great start! Daisy is getting excited because her 7th birthday is coming up soon! I can’t believe how good of friends that we have been throughout these seven years. February 24, is coming near!!!! Can you believe that she is really that old?! I remember how tiny she was when I first brought her home from the pet store… She is such a good bird and a great friend. Happy Daisy Day Everyone!!!! 🙂



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