Happy Birthday Daisy!!

Happy Birthday Daisy! Love, Mommy

It just so happens that Daisy’s birthday this year falls on Daisy Day! 😀 I remember 7 years ago, the day before my birthday, bringing her home in that small little box from the pet store. I clearly remember putting her into her new cage and being so obsessed that I talked to her all afternoon. I remember introducing that carrot to her for the first time, and now having be her favorite treat ever. I named her Daisy because of her neon bright yellow color that immediately stood out to my seven-year-old eye. I can’t believe that we have spent seven remarkable years together. As the years of our friendship continue to progress and touch my heart, I am going to cherish every second of it. She is one Big-girl budgie today! 🙂 Happy Birthday Daisy!!


Author: Maysa Rose

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