Gifts and Talents

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Strength… emotion… experience… beauty…flexibility…passion…determination…freedom…trust…

There isn’t one particular thing that makes a ballerina successful, but it is each dancer’s own way of showing motion that makes each one so special and unlike anyone else. Every dancer is unique in his or her own way, and each contains their own gifts… but how they express and use those gifts is what makes each one so different. Do you use your gifts to communicate through dance or do you spend more time wishing you have something you don’t, such as flexibility or stronger feet, etc… Take advantage and USE what you DO have (of course still working to improve your least strongest things as well)… just something that I think we all need to acknowledge everyday in the studio… “What makes you so different than everyone else? What can you do to show your talents? How do YOU stand out from the rest of the dancers around you?”

~This is just something I have been thinking about these past few days and wanted to share it with you all. I think every dancer is likely to be jealous of another dancer, and most spend so much time criticizing themselves because of what others have, that they fail to see their own wonderful talents that others see. Believe it or not, while you may be standing in a corner letting yourself down because you are the least flexible in the class, others may be looking at you and thinking “wow, I wish I had her technique!” My point is (after this long post) to not compare yourself to other dancers, and be happy for what you do have, and actually be grateful for what you don’t! That’s just a kick in the butt to get you to work harder. 😉 It all comes with the journey of dance, no ballerina, EVER, is going to have it all at first, but if you work hard… you will! ❤


Author: Maysa Rose

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