Happy Daisy Day 22!

My little Cutie Pie!

Happy Daisy Day! Daisy and I have been studying hard this week for the end of the year exams next month in school. These tests should cover all of the material that we have learned this year in eighth grade, so we must be prepared for them… I have to admit, it is so hard to concentrate when it is over 80 degrees outside! It is such a beautiful day today and it really is starting to feel like summertime!! (I think I’m going to sit outside and study!) Daisy and I wish you a great Wednesday, enjoy the beautiful weather!! ❤


2 thoughts on “Happy Daisy Day 22!

  1. Have a great study time Maysa! I know that you will do great on all your tests. Also 80 degrees is a really good reason to stay inside, in my opinion.😂 Maybe one day I’ll love Summer.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I personally am a major fan of the heat. 😀 I love to sit and relax on the patio during the summertime as often as I can.

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