Goodbye Daisy…


After these seven, happy years here on earth, Daisy returned to her forever home last night and is no longer here with me. Through it all, it makes me feel relieved that she is no longer suffering from her illness.. I had not posted this news, but in November, Daisy was diagnosed with Liver Disease. This disease was called to take her life within just a few months, so the fact that she held on for nearly FIVE months strictly amazes me. There is not much to say about what took her last night, it all just happened so quickly! All in all, this little bird is one to never forget, both on the blog and off. She has taught me some major life lessons through the ups and downs that we had faced together. *I love you baby bird, may you rest in peace and join your brother, Paco once more…*

I just thought I should let you know, because Daisy is the life of every Wednesday, here on Maysa Rose…


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