Back to Reality!

Mulan is in less than a month!!!!


The studio immediately snaps back into reality after being off for a week on break. Rehearsals for Mulan, another competition, and the spring variation performance keeps us all busy and on our feet, (literally.) Although our little toes may be crippled from the 4+ hours in pointe shoes, passion overrides the pain. The joy of just being able to dance everyday really puts a smile on everyone’s face! Mulan is scheduled in less than a month, so we are really working hard to perfect every step and movement, so that this show can be EVEN BETTER than the last! 😉 It makes me so excited to know that we are going to be onstage again in about 3 weeks, and it makes me eager to experience the beautiful dances, costumes, lighting, and props for this magnificent production! As we continue to prepare for this upcoming event, I wish everyone safe and happy rehearsing! 🙂