Stage Presence


During rehearsals last night, my instructor corrected all of us on our stage presence. She told us that we were doing the steps, but we weren’t actually DANCING the steps. She said that with each dance that we do, we are portraying some kind of message. With each step, turn, and movement, we are creating shapes that allow some thought or feeling to awaken within the audience. In other words, it is extremely important that we fully understand the feeling that the choreographer wants to create! Without UNDERSTANDING the piece, we are not able to actually perform it. She told us to stop going-through-the-motions and actually dance it!

Through this conversation, I learned to not be afraid to ask my choreographer what message a piece is trying to portray. I actually went on YouTube and listened to the songs that I am dancing to this weekend, and took a few minutes to hear the lyrics and the mood of the songs. Then, I took that song into a relation of my life… what does that song make me feel? What does it remind me of? As a result of taking these few extra steps, I deepened my overall understanding of the choreography itself and looked upon the dances on a whole new level…

I hope that this post was beneficial to you, and hopefully you take these words into consideration the next time that you are given choreography…. I wish you all Happy Dancing! 🙂