Competition Time


Although the productions for this season may be complete, we still have one last remaining competition before summer vacation really starts. This weekend, I will be in the city competing against countless other girls in the surrounding states for a ballet competition. My good friend, Kiara, and I have been working very hard in the studio to try and perfect our variations so that we can do well in this upcoming event! Wish us luck as we continue to prepare!!! 🙂

*Photo taken of Kiara rehearsing her Don Quixote variation.*

4 thoughts on “Competition Time

  1. I will be praying for you this weekend, and harassing you via text to find out how it’s going. I know that you will do great Maysa!

  2. Sending you and your friends positive thoughts and energy. You all have worked very hard and I know you will do well. Keep me posted!

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