Season Finalie


Wow! My second season as a professional-trainee in the company has now ended, and I will be starting my THIRD SEASON in only two months! (yay, me!)  I’ll have to admit, it was kind of bittersweet, to say ‘farewell’ to all of my good friends here at the studio… It is going to be hard to not see all of their smiling faces everyday. 😦  I am just so impressed with everyone’s progress and improvements this year! It is insane how far everyone has come in just a few months! Although today may have been relatively sad, the soda, food, meditation, and pajamas at the end-of-season party made up for the separation greatly. There is nothing better than everyone laying on their backs in the studio, with the lights out, listening to meditation music, AND GETTING MASSAGES! ❤ I am sure going to miss everyone, but it is going to be really fun to see everyone’s improvements over the summer!! I am ready for summer intensives now! Bring it! 🙂