Ballet Intensive #1…


Oh yes, the morning wake-up alarm for 7:30AM rang in my ears again this morning. My “summertime schedule” was tampered with severely, and I didn’t get to sleep in until the usual 10AM… As a result, I was literally a walking zombie until far past the lunch hour, but the pointe shoes and petite allegro made up for the lack of sleep tremendously! Today was the second day of my studio’s summer intensive, and I am already dreading it’s ending. It is so nice to be able to dance all day again(10-5). Honestly, I forgot how wonderful dance made me feel until I got into that studio again. Something about being away for two weeks and coming back makes me feel so refreshed and ready to take class and ‘get sweaty’ once more. It makes my energy and motivation levels boost to the top and the pure joy of dancing returns to me again! I am really enjoying my time at this intensive, but I am really looking forward to the 26th when I will attend a ballet intensive far from home. Being accepted into this upcoming intensive was such an awesome opportunity for me to have, and I cant wait to receive training from world known instructors and principle dancers… I am going to continue to try and improve as much as possible these last upcoming days so that I am completely prepared for this intensive!!! I’m going to keep working hard every second that I am in the studio… And like always, I’ll keep everyone posted! 😉 Enjoy your afternoon!


Author: Maysa Rose

The adventures of a sixteen year old professional trainee ballet dancer, dual-enrolled college student, occasional traveler, music fanatic, photographer, bird owner, and obsessive writer. Join me on this road to reach a dream and everything in between! ~Maysa

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    1. I miss you too, Sophia! 😦 It feels like it has been forever since I have seen you! However, summer will be over as soon as we know it, and we all will see each other again soon! I hope you have a great time at your intensives!! Let me know how it goes! 🙂


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