Let me ask you something, do you pause for a moment in the day to stop and consider all of the incredible blessings around you? A lot of people, (including myself) don’t put enough time and thought into the things that they have and don’t consider them as “blessings”; most people just, simply, glaze over their possessions and recognize them as nothing but “things that they need”. However, fun fact: “the only thing that humans need to survive is food, water, and shelter”. You can really survive on a stranded island with only those three things for days, months, YEARS EVEN! This just proves that we don’t physically rely on our phones, radios, TVs., or computers to keep us alive. People nowadays are so distracted by all of the ‘wants’ that they don’t even realize how lucky they are; getting an education, being able to walk and dance, the gift of getting out of bed in the morning, having a big breakfast with the family, being ALIVE,  IT IS ALL A HUGE GIFT! Today, I think that we all need to stop being so “needy” and wanting MORE  of things and actually be asking for less. We have all that we need, why ask for more? I think that if the whole world did that, everyone would be much happier and less upset about not getting the newest technology out there…  Just consider this, and I think that you will be much happier when you do…

“Sometimes the greatest blessings are right in front of you. You just need to look harder…”


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