Back to Ballet!


“Tendu, plie, and a 1, 2, 3”  I can’t describe how awesome it feels to get back into my “home studio”. After such a long summer, I love the comforting feeling of entering my studio, in a familiar environment, and seeing all of my good friends and teachers again. It is so incredible to see everyone’s improvements over the summer and see how much they have learned from their intensives! Some people have improved so much, they look like a whole new dancer! At this point, we are all challenging each other “in a healthy way” and are working hard to address our weakest points and try to almost “compete” with the girl beside us, (balance longer or get our leg higher.) We all do this with some of our best friends, and it is not because we are really trying to compete in a negative way; it just helps us all work harder and have goals to reach! I love to finally be home, and I have had such a wonderful first few days back at the studio. I cant believe this week is already halfway over!! Happy Wednesday! 🙂