Washed Away


“And so… I watched as the last little wave of summer swept across the shore; carrying away each little shell and grain of sand with it. The last calm sunset marked the start of a busy week and a sea full of wonders of what the tide will wash up the next day… Summer vacation has been washed away, marking the start of quite a busy day!”

Hopefully, you all caught onto my little quote above… That’s right; school started this week, and I am very proud to say that I am officially a freshman in high school!  I have had a great first two days back, and I already cant wait to begin all of my courses! As you all may already know, I am beginning my third year of online classes (homeschooling) so that I can dance in the professional trainee program during the day. So far, attending online school has really helped me keep up with my busy schedule and make me more “flexible” with my time. For those of you who have already started school and for those eager to begin: I hope that you all have a wonderful year and a great first week back!! 🙂


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