Making Better Days!


How did you treat the people around you this morning? This may sound like a weird question to ask, but it is something that we all need to stop and consider… We are always rushing around, doing our everyday tasks, and doing all of the “important things” that we sometimes forget about how we are treating those around us… Sometimes how you behave or act around a large group of people, sets the mood everyone around you! Moods are contagious, and they spread rapidly throughout the day.. So that is why, I think we all need to make that decision to Make Today A Better One!

Decide right now that you are going to “Make someone smile and make today worthwhile… 🙂 Make A Better Day!”


Author: Maysa Rose

Professional trainee ballet dancer who loves poetry, photography, traveling, two parrots (Kiwi and Olive), blogging, and living life to the fullest. ~Maysa

2 thoughts on “Making Better Days!”

  1. Lovely post Maysa. It really is so true that our actions, no matter how small they seem, can have such a large impact on those around us!


    1. Indeed. I thought that it would be a pretty meaningful post. This is a really important lesson that I think everyone should reflect on. Thanks for the comment Sophia! 🙂


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