Needed Update

Wow, it is seriously time for a much-needed blog update!  Last weekend, I went to our high school homecoming with lots of my good friends. It was so much fun, and we were all so devastated when it was over… It was a great night, and I will definitely remember it for years to come! (Pictures of me and my friends are above)

Aside from school life, this week was a pretty big dance week as well! We have officially finished all of our dances for the Christmas Carol ballet, we are working on perfecting Moscow’s Nutcracker, AND rehearsals for January’s Coppellia have started. This weekend, we have rehearsals for all 3 productions, so we will be spending lots of time in the studio…

Lastly, Halloween is coming up!! So, me and my family are throwing a huge Pumpkin Party on Sunday. From the great chili cook-off, to piñatas, and pumpkins; this is going to be quite an interesting weekend! I apologize for this long post; I am just trying to make up for the extreme lack of recent updates this past week.. 😮 Have a great Friday, and check back tomorrow for some cool rehearsal footage! 🙂