Christmas Carol 2016!


I have no words to express how wonderful it felt to be back onstage again!! This was the first production of the 2016-17 season, meaning that it had been a full 6 months since we had been in the theater… In that time, I almost forgot how incredible dancing for an audience made me feel! So far, the shows have been great; but I am personally more satisfied with the first performance. The second performance was okay, (I mean it could have easily been worse), but there were just two mistakes that I made, that I hoped the audience didn’t notice… That feeling of making a mistake in the theater feels like the worst thing that could ever happen to you, because you feel like you let everyone down. (including yourself). The two little mistakes were super tiny though, and I am sure that no one even noticed, except myself.

The next show is in just a few hours, so fingers crossed for another great day! 🙂

*Photo credits to Tiffany, who captured this great picture when I was least expecting it! 🙂 Love it, thanks!


Author: Maysa Rose

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