Coppelia Casting!


I have some exciting news everyone!!! COPELLIA CASTING IS RELEASED!!!

It seems like everyone is super pleased with their roles for this show; And I have got to mention that I am absolutely thrilled for my best friend, who landed the main role of Swanhilda! The “spring squad” is super proud of you!!

~If you all may be wondering about my personal roles: In the first cast, I will be the Sunset Doll as well as Swanhildas friend. In the second cast, I will be part of both, the Dance of Hours and Czardas corps de ballet.

Rehearsals for this show are already underway, and the performance is scheduled for January!! Not to mention, Nutcracker rehearsals are packing our schedule up tight! What a busy season, so far!

*Photo of me, in rehearsals. Photo credits to Sophia!!!

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