Do you ever find yourself worrying about tomorrow? Worrying about the future? Worrying about all of the possibilities in life and choosing the right path to take? I have found myself doing this a lot lately… But the fact of the matter is, you cannot control everything that happens in your life. You just can’t. In fact, the only thing that is certain in life is change. You can spend all day PLANNING and WORRYING about tomorrow, but the chances of ‘your plan’ actually happening is very slim. What you are really doing is wasting all of today’s precious moments by trying to take over and do GOD’S part in your life. You need to have faith and know that He has a plan for you, and will always lead you in the right direction. Enjoy all of today’s little moments, and stop worrying about what will happen next. Don’t let ‘worry’ consume your happiness… Trust in the Lord’s plan, and have faith in his doings. 🙂 You will be much happier when you do!


Author: Maysa Rose

Sixteen year old professional trainee ballet dancer, traveler, poet, photographer, choreographer, bird lover, & obsessive writer. www.maysarose.wordpress.com ~Maysa

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  1. Great post! Two things have helped me not to worry much any more Maysa. The Bible tells us 365 times to worry not that once for each day and the other is when someone pointed out to me that not trusting the Lord to have everything under control is a form of disobedience. 🙂 ❤

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