Moscow Nutcracker

With gentle steps, the elegant ballerina glided across the stage. I was purely mesmerized by the steps… There aren’t many words to describe the exquisite variation, in that it was too immense to comprehend; It was incredibly superhuman and almost impossible to believe. Even now, I am in doubt that what I experienced was true. Was it a dream, I wonder? Was it simply a hallucination of what I wish to become someday?

~Reasoning with my mind…

There is nothing better than complete satisfaction with your performance… Especially, when you are performing for Moscow… The exhilaration that I felt when I watched the sugar plum fairy and the Arabian variation IN PERSON was like a fantasy. I had only dreamed of experiencing those dances (THAT PERFECT)  just a few feet away from me…

I am telling you right now, that leaving that theater has forever changed me and inspired me in ways that I couldn’t have even imagined before… I WILL become like that dancer; and I WILL inspire the masses, making people feel like I had, just last night… ❤


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