Coppelia Day 1!

We have finally reached performance weekend!!!! Today is going to be Day 1 of Copellia, and we are all looking forward to it! The acting in this ballet is so fun, and I feel like I am really able to connect with the characters that I am portraying. Nonetheless, this is going to be the very first production that I have ever been casted as a soloist, so I am thrilled to be given the chance to step a little further than ‘my usual’ and show the audience who I really am as an artist. I wish every dancer good luck this show and I cannot wait to watch all of our hard work come together. Enjoy this weekend everybody!!!!!!

*Also, for those of you interested… MY RESULTS CAME IN FOR BOSTON BALLET YESTERDAY, AND I HAVE MADE THE WAITING LIST!!! This intensive is incredibly difficult to get into, so I was shocked to know that I am being ‘considered’! I should find out my final results March 17th… I will update you all when I get the final response. 😉 I also auditioned for the Sarasota Ballet last week, so I should receive those results shortly as well.


Author: Maysa Rose

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