Footprints of Time


Do you ever wish that you could redo a memory and re-experience what you had done before? The happiness. Joy. Childhood. Amusement. Love. Lessons? I was looking through some old photos, and I felt a few waves of longing that made me want to reverse the clock… Then I thought, “it will never be April 8, 2017 again… It will become April 8, 2018- later April 8, 2019; but never APRIL EIGHTH, TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN again… Today is independent and the only TODAY that will ever exist…’

Each day is simply just a footprint of time that gets washed away by the ocean of memories that surround our hearts. The ocean is a place where all of our memories are gathered together in the dream-like sea of wonder and beauty… Among it, are the footprints in the sand of time that are placed by people daily. Each tick of the clock, a wave comes to the shore and carries away the memories in the midst of the tide. Once that clock washes away the memory, you cannot get it back. You can only create new footprints and place a new memory in the sea of dreams…

Live today strong and make every small decision count. Remember, you are adding to the footprints of time…

(*Photo taken by me)


Author: Maysa Rose

Professional trainee ballet dancer who loves poetry, photography, traveling, two parrots (Kiwi and Olive), blogging, and living life to the fullest. ~Maysa