Quote It! #2



“Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.”

I LOVE this quote! I want to fill my life with so much positivity that I walk around seeing the best in everything and the best of every situation as well. I think a positive outlook on life all starts with our minds, our minds control everything about us and therefore starting to make our mind more positive will help influence other parts of our life.

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*Photo taken by me


Author: Maysa Rose

Professional trainee ballet dancer who loves poetry, photography, traveling, two parrots (Kiwi and Olive), blogging, and living life to the fullest. www.maysarose.wordpress.com ~Maysa

8 thoughts on “Quote It! #2”

  1. Dear friend

    Yes, there is a big difference if we consider a glass half full or half empty 🙂
    Even from things that appear negativ at first sight may give us some positiv thoughts – as bitter medicine is often also helpful to man to bring him forward in his development.

    Thanks for sharing and a good time

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