My Past


I have changed over these past 4 years… In fact, I have changed so much that I am not even CLOSE the same person that I use to be. When I was in elementary school, I was so concerned about being like everyone else. I was trying to fit in any way that I could to make up for the fact that I was so different. I felt like people didn’t really understand how important dance was to me, and they didn’t truly understand what I was working so hard to do. The truth is that I wanted people at school to like me and support me and my goals. I thought that being popular might help me fit in…

Once I had become “popular”, I unintentionally started changing the way that I was acting, and I began to loose sight of the real me. To be honest, I felt like I was under high expectations to maintain my reputation, so I started to treat people badly for a sense of power. I felt trapped, and I wasn’t sure how to escape the mess that I had created.

Shortly after that school year ended, I found out that I was accepted as a pre- professional in the daytime ballet academy at my studio. I started homeschooling to attend, but homeschooling has helped me MUCH more than just in dance. I have found my TRUE SELF again. From that experience, I have learned to never allow other people to change who I am.

I am stubborn, always laughing, creative, messy, smart, crazy, determined, artistic, kind, and unique. I am proud of who I am, and I will always be ME.


7 thoughts on “My Past

  1. So proud of you Maysa! It takes a very strong person to rise above the peer pressure and to truly be who you want to be. You are striving towards YOUR goal of being a professional dancer and along the way you are achieving so much more. You are such a kind loving person and you are always the first to welcome a stranger into class. You have realized that everyone is different and has their own goals and you cheer them towards their goals even if you are competing for that same spot. You have excelled in school as well as in dance and are growing into such a beautiful young lady both inside and out. Keep pushing towards your dreams and one day we will see you dance front and center on that professional stage! Love you!

    1. Wow, thank you so much grandma. That really means a lot. I am so incredibly thankful for all that you guys do for me. It means so much.. Thank you. 💗😊 I love you!!!!!!

  2. Good For You Maysa, Always be yourself, don’t worry about what other people say, You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

  3. I’m glad you found yourself, it’s a little bit harder for those with a passion. Similarly I feel the same pressure amongst peers. You wrote it so wel, you are definitely not the same person as before. Look how mature you are in your speech. 🙂 Love May XO

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