My Happy Place


I need to find my happy place,

where horses run and dolphins race.

Far away, through the sparkling rainbow beam,

external ideas are no longer what they seem.

I need to find my happy place,

where horses run and dolphins race.

Blocking out all realistic things,

and all that surrounds me are cotton candy filled dreams.


Unfortunately, I am headed to the dentist this morning to get FOUR teeth extracted so that I can receive braces in a week… It is never fun to get a tooth extracted, but it’s worse if you are getting four pulled in one day! I just have to keep my eye on the prize and think about how much better my teeth are going to look once this whole process is over.

Wish me luck today everyone!

7 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. Dear Maysa

    Also to me it happened that the dentist took out several teeth in one day. With the help of an injection (made me very tired and I slept during the operation) I did not feel the operation at all. But some hours after it then pain started. However, it was not too bad and after some days all was good again. Later I got some implants and I used to have a nice smile again 🙂 – in case you are not sleepy during this operating process try to think of a nice time you had in life – this will also help you, not to be so much afraid of pain and sitting at the dentist.

    Hope you are fine and wish you all the best.


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    1. Thank you so much, Didi. 🙂 I am glad to say that the operation went well!! I was given a lot of medicine so that I would feel very numb and drowsy. Other than the heavy bleeding and extensive numbness, I am glad that I finally got this done, because I have been putting it aside for so long. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected, and it gives me strength to see that I faced my fears. Now, I just need to take good care of myself and rest. It was an eventful afternoon!

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      1. Yes, dear Mayse, once we face our fear, we will slowly get rid of it…

        I am happy for you that you are now feeling much better.

        In future you will go with strength and courage to the dentist 🙂

        All the best

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  2. Good luck and hang in there — it only hurts for a little bit! I recommend having a couple of bags of frozen “petite” peas you can wrap in a paper towel and place on the areas where the teeth were extracted for the first couple of days. The peas conform to your face better than ice cubes. No more than 15 minutes “on,” and then take the frozen peas off for a good 25-30 minutes before you reapply. The cold will help to numb the area; the paper towels you wrap the bags in and the careful timing will help avoid frostbite — which you don’t want! Just think how gorgeous your teeth will be perfectly straight on stage! (Just remember not to cook and eat the bags of peas you use, as the thawing and refreezing makes them inedible. I always mark a big “X” in permanent marker on both sides of the bags of peas I use this way.)

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