Let the dancing begin!


Eight days… I haven’t posted in EIGHT DAYS. 😮 I am so sorry that I have neglected this little blog of mine for over a week. You were all probably thinking that something was wrong, because I am rarely ever silent!

Since my last post, the 2017-18 dance season has begun!!!!!!!! It has been a great first two days back to the normal routine, and it felt so good to dance a full days again. Aside from dance, school has been going great so far, and I really like my teachers this year. For the newbies here on Maysa Rose, it may be helpful to know that I am a professional trainee ballerina in a daytime academy at my studio. To allow my schedule to be more flexible, I am home schooled at an online public cyber academy. In a very short amount of time, you will soon see how insane my schedule will get, but I will keep you POSTED. I am so excited for the performances/events, and I can’t wait for the action and excitement to start!

I am ready to put in some serious work this year, and I hope to see lots of improvement by the end of this season. Let the dancing begin!! 🙂

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