The Parakeet Post #7


Vibrant feathers gracefully float to the bottom of the cage as Kiwi undergoes her springtime molt. She poses for a photo, and I quickly capture the moment for this Parakeet Post. I love this beautiful budgie. 🙂


Author: Maysa Rose

The adventures of a sixteen year old professional trainee ballet dancer, dual-enrolled college student, occasional traveler, music fanatic, photographer, bird owner, and obsessive writer. Join me on this road to reach a dream and everything in between! ~Maysa

4 thoughts on “The Parakeet Post #7”

    1. I actually have two parakeets, Kiwi and Olive. This one is Kiwi.
      A really good friend of mine owns parakeets as well, so she is going to watch them for me while I am away. 🙂


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